Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sketch face

Decided to try writing my dissertation proposal last night. I've been dreading it all semester. I filled in my name, course and matriculation number and thought, "This isn't so bad." Then I got to the bit about summarising what I plan to write about and freaked out and closed the window. Ended up doodling instead, which was much more fun.

The first page was just doodles, then on the second I was trying to caricature Rachel when I remembered that I can't do that worth a damn so ended up stalking randomly selected friends on Faceboak and just drawing them.

It feels really nice just to draw for the sake of drawing. I don't do it enough but I think I'll try to more. I always say that though...


  1. Octotiger! The drawing of Lynsey and Grossi are my faves. The whole right page looks like a movie poster :D

  2. This stuff looks really awesome, I especially like the angry crazy bird

  3. the likenesses are awesome :D Mark's expression is brilliant!