Saturday, 23 April 2011


I thought this was funny when I started drawing it, but I think that writing my dissertation for pretty much twelve hours straight has addled my brain.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Open the door, Get on the floor, Everybody lay the Smack Down

This is a painting I did for my friend Ryan for his birthday, acrylic on canvas. I actually started it last year for his 21st but ran out of time. Then when I came back to it this year I discovered that I only had about 4 hours of work left to do on it. Gutted.

Doesn't matter anyway, Ryan seemed to like it and I know a few folks in the studio were interested in seeing the final product, so here it is. The wrestler is supposed to be Ryan himself. The dinosaur is no-one I know personally.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Something that... isn't... uni work...?

Apparently I'm still occasionally capable of drawing things just for the sake of drawing them. It's very liberating and I really wish I did it more often, but usually it makes me feel guilty...

Rachel's been preparing work for her portfolio over the past week or two and today she decided to do some painting. She had a nice reference picture she'd found on the internet of a girl sitting in an autumnal forest and since I was sitting next to her (Rachel, not the girl in the forest) I found myself sketching the girl's face. It turned into me trying to work the copic markers and this is the final result. I've tweaked it in Photoshop slightly because I think when I scanned it the colours came out kinda faded, but then again it might just be my laptop screen. Let me know if it's too bright, or any other criticisms really. Really need to improve.

Also need to update this blog more often...