Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sofa, so good.

That's what I'd name my couch shop, if I owned one, which I don't.

Been drawing a lot this week. It's quite nice to have some time off to draw whatever creeps into my head. I had a wee think about what aspects of my drawing I need to work on and came to the conclusion that I need to work on pretty much everything. Where better to start than the bottom, eh? Anyway, this week I've been venturing into the world of shading, a skill I'm severely lacking in. I tend to shade badly, which spiralled into my hardly ever shading at all, and that's not really helped if I'm honest.

Started off with Big Boss and Kamina up the top (I was thinking about what D-Con stuff) then my own ugly mug and then a few other friendly faces of my own creation.

Dunno who this guy is, some kind of bounty hunter maybe? I was trying to branch into some other areas of weakness and experiment with costume design and camera angles.

Anyway, that's your lot for now. I'm thinking about trying out some digital colouring on the second picture at some point but at current I don't have the software running. Keep your eyes peeled and all constructive criticism is more than welcome.


  1. Theyr brilliant :) particularly like the bulky bunny guy, u should do more of him lol.

    Good idea to start workin on everything.. think I'll give that a go too!

  2. LOVING that picture of you! It's a very pensive pose. It's almost like the drawings around it are what he's thinking about, like they should be in wee thought bubbles. Very cool.

    I agree with SHUZZAYNE :D it's a very good idea to start working on everything. Shading is something I was never really taught either so starting now I guess is as good a time as any. Especially with us technically starting our final year where everything we now do is for our final grade.

    Keep more coming! It's all looking lovely! See you Mon!


  3. Shading is always annoying, but you did a great job :D especially on the one of the bounty hunter, I think the bulky bunny guy is my favourite too :)

  4. Magnificent and funny...please upload more!

    ..Beacuase...they're awesome.