Monday, 7 February 2011


Okay, I really need to get on top of this blog thing. Apologies for yet another late post and for yet another half hearted contribution. I've been a little snowed under, same as last week, and it's putting personal work on the back burner. Blah blah blah, heard it before, okay here's some more life drawing.

This week I decided to delve into the world of colour. As I said in a previous post, being able to use colour is a skill I feel I am quite severely lacking in and I've been meaning to start experimenting for some time. First two pages here were ten minute poses. The last page was twenty five minute poses.

I'll try and get something more interesting up soon.


  1. These look really lovely Tom! God damn you! :D What did you use specifically? Was it pencil or pastels? Also, how did you approach it, did you start light and build up to the darker shadows? I really want to get into colours as well this term (which has proved really unsuccessful so far) so would like to know how other people are going about it.

    More like this!! x

  2. It was pastel paper and I used bog standard coloured pencils. I started by drawing a line drawing as I would do normally but using the peachy coloured pencil. Then I just picked out the shadows with brown, mid tones with the same peach and the highlights in white. To be honest they're more just tonal drawing but done with skin tones to give the illusion of colour... Every time I strayed away from using those three colours it started looking odd. For example I tried to pick out the flushed areas in a drawing the week before this using red but it just looked all bloody. My colour work still needs a lot of work.