Friday, 15 April 2011

Open the door, Get on the floor, Everybody lay the Smack Down

This is a painting I did for my friend Ryan for his birthday, acrylic on canvas. I actually started it last year for his 21st but ran out of time. Then when I came back to it this year I discovered that I only had about 4 hours of work left to do on it. Gutted.

Doesn't matter anyway, Ryan seemed to like it and I know a few folks in the studio were interested in seeing the final product, so here it is. The wrestler is supposed to be Ryan himself. The dinosaur is no-one I know personally.


  1. That's amazing :D the dinosaur looks genuinely terrified.

  2. Is this the finished version?? Did you go back into it?
    It looks ace dude!!
    By the way, if "Ryan" looks like that... i'd like to meet him!! :P hee hee

  3. This is as finished as it got. I know almost nothing about painting, apart from the fact that you squeeze the coloured substances out of the tubes and apply them to surfaces with a brush. My technique consisted mainly of "wing it" with a dab of "bugger it, that'll do" and as a result I feel the final product could look a little more... final... But like I say, I did my best and I was pretty proud by the time I'd finished.

    Unfortunately Ryan is already a taken man, otherwise I'd be in there myself, but I can verify that he is at least three times more muscular than this in real life. And I'm not just saying that because he's paying me to. That's just a coincidence.