Saturday, 12 November 2011


I mean, uh... working on my caricatures... because... it'll be useful, yeah... Useful...

Certainly would be a handy skill for commission based stuff or what have you. I dunno, just something I wanted to work on. I was also trying to think more about colour theory and shading but I'm not sure how successful that was either... Dissertation still squats uncomfortably on my shoulders whispering terrible things in my ear. Yet to reach 7000 words but I'm pretty sure I have shed 7000 tears. That's close, right?

Guess who.


  1. Haha these are awesome! Liking the colour and shadows on the johnny depp one in particular. The stephen fry expression is great also

  2. Looks great - I'd say Matt Smith was the best, most recognisable. Take a look at these

  3. These are fantastic! You've developed such a dinstrinct and characterised style that I'm quite simply, really jealous of.