Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Commissions, yo

Hey kids, I made some jokey comment on Facebook the other day about how I'd draw people while drunk for money. Well... I will actually do it. Except not drunk. Unless that's what you wanted...?

Anyway, if you'll scroll down you'll find that about
 90% of the first two pages of this blog is all caricatures and stuff, but I can also do realistic portraits too. I'm going to tentatively say £10 for coloured caricature bust, £15 if it's a full body shot of you riding a giant poodle or holding half a frog or whatever, maybe £15 for a realistic portrait. Rates are totally negotiable based on what you want, I'll draw characters from games, celebrities, real people, imaginary friends. Basically I'll draw whatever you like apart from pornography (that's waaay more expensive). Makes nice presents and keepsakes, etc.

This might just end up being one of those awkward, desperate blog posts where nobody replies, and that's fine. But if you are interested in commissioning me, or if you know anyone who might be, just fire me a wee message and let's talk business.

Peace out, yo

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  1. Can I have a giant robot army fighting an army of armoured dogs.. lots of explosions and stuff. Oh and in the middle of the battlefield I'd like to be drawn eating a sandwich and drawing in my sketchbook.