Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Maybe they should stick to banking...

Week two and I haven't given up yet. Give it some time...

As promised, here is some of my work from last semester. If I'd been organised enough to keep a blog from the start of the year these would be nicely spaced out over about six months. Ah well...

The first thing we did, right back at the start of the year, was the bouncing ball. A simple excersise to teach us about squash and stretch, arcing and the basics of keyframing and inbetweening. I raced through it and missed some stuff that lost me a couple of marks in the final. No frames at the point of contact for example, and my first draft had shading and shadows.

But of course, I was eager to move on to bigger things. I started with this test to try and get how different types of ball would bounce. As is fairly obvious, I didn't really take it that seriously... It was fun though.

After that I still had some time left, so I did this as well. Not sure what to say about it... The cat enjoyed himself.

The next brief was to animate a walk cycle. Holy hell was it a difficult brief... I think by the end of the two weeks we were all ready to give up walking for good. This was my side on walk. I'm told it looks a lot like me, which probably isn't a good thing seeing as it was meant to be a neutral cycle. I seem to have gotten away with it though; I suppose they understood that the main example I had to base my walk on was me, and given how ridiculous my gait is it was only natural that some of that should seep through.

I should point out that in the two weeks we were given to complete this brief I only managed to finish the profile walk. My front on walk I had to work on later in the term. It took me considerably longer than the profile walk.

Anyway, that's probably enough for one post. I'll put up the rest of last semester's work next time.

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